Tech Talk | Johnson College provides opportunity to Simplex Homes workers

    Tech Talk | Johnson College provides opportunity to Simplex Homes workers

    “Johnson College gave me the opportunity to have the background needed to be more than just a carpenter."

    Here at Simplex Homes, a Scranton-based modular construction company, they supply their employees with more than just power tools and safety gear.

    Through its partnership with Johnson College, they provide opportunity.

    “I got into the modular home building industry back in the mid-80's on a tour that I took when I was a student at Johnson College at an area modular home company and that has been where I’ve been since that time," David Boniello, Vice President of Simplex Homes, said.

    Having over 30 years in the industry since graduating, David says graduates coming from the local college have a strong work ethic.

    And for some students in the carpentry and cabinet-making program, that means putting in extra hours.

    “Double duty. I would work a full day and then I’d come here until closing time, which at that time it was 5,6, sometimes 7 o’clock. It was long days trying to keep up with schoolwork and then maintaining this here," Brandon Muir, an Outside Yard Foreman for Simplex Homes said.

    Students in the Johnson College program get their hands on experience by building an entire modular home from the ground up. Once they get their degree, it’s up to them which path they pursue.

    Even after graduation, Simplex doesn’t let the learning stop there.

    With its continuing education program through Johnson, employees are offered courses to give them over-all knowledge within the industry.

    And then are placed to put their hard work to the test.

    “Knowing that what I build goes into someone’s house and that they’re going to have that for years on years. And if there’s a problem or something, I can go out and I can see what I built in the house and see the customer’s reaction and how they like their stairs," said Kyle Heller, Stair Master at Simplex Homes.

    “I’ve had a lot of great opportunities put in front of me, I’ve had a lot of doors opened from back in my Johnson College days with the experience and education I got. It’s me to be able to market myself, to be more in the industry today, and be as successful as I have been," Boniello said.

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