Tech Talk | Johnson College guides Wayne Co. man's career

“I was a bit less of a book-learned student... I didn’t learn as well from lectures and things like that. I learned well when I could combine that with taking what I learned in the classroom and applying it right there in their labs.”

Wayne County native Fernando Marques always had a knack for technology, having a role on the Western Wayne High School robotics team.

He says the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program at Johnson College fit him best with his background.

“When I was coming out of high school I really wasn’t sure where to go. I actually haven’t found that degree program when I first graduated from Western Wayne. And then shortly after, I found their program so I had worked construction for a year to save up the money- and built a little bit of a buffer so that the following year I could start the AMET program," said Marques.

Later in his education, he was recruited by Automated Lifestyles at the college’s job fair - now working as their installation technician for over a year.

“I love what I’m doing right now. I’ve seen other some job opportunities and experiences I could get but working here, a big part of it is I could get to do something different every day. One day, I’m in a house that’s still under construction. I could be drilling holes and running wires and then I could... You know the next day we might go to a job where I’m going to sit on a computer and program their servers, program their audio systems, and things like that," he said.

Since graduating this past summer, Fernando says he uses the skills acquired in the Johnson College program every day at work.

“So there was a lot of stuff that could be translated and brought a lot more technical literacy to me that I could bring here because there’s a lot of stuff here that we need to do from networking to lighting control, to mounting tv’s, and even motorized mounts so... it’s a very diverse job," Marques said.

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