Road Trippin' | Everhart Museum in Scranton

Road Trippin' | Everhart Museum in Scranton

Just on the outskirts of Nay Aug Park on Mulberry Street in Scranton is the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science and Art.

A building with deep roots to one of the region’s most storied cities.

“For a community of this size I think it’s really outstanding to have a museum of this caliber here for so long. We’re getting ready to celebrate 110th year," Aurore Giguet, Executive Director of Everhart Museum, said.

Not only is the museum over 100 years old but the Everhart Museum has the distinction of being the FIRST Museum to open in NEPA; going back to May 30th, 1908.

“The museum was founded and opened by Dr. Isaiah Everhart really because of his love and passion for taxidermy and ornithology," said Giguet.

When Dr. Everhart opened the museum in 1908 one of the first things he put inside the building was part of his personal collection.

Most of these birds inside this room came from Dr. Everhart including this Macaw from South America and these birds from all over the world.

If birds and taxidermy isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it! Exhibits change pretty frequently.

“We’re not static, it’s not always the same. You might have great memories of the shrunken head or of the mummy but we have so much more to offer," Giguet said.

Giguet says seeing these exhibits first hand not make only makes a fun day trip but fills in the blanks for all that NEPA has to offer.

"We have natural history, we have science and we have art and I think just being exposed to those things at a local level is so important. You don’t have to go to Philly or New York or a Baltimore or Boston to experience those things – they’re right here,” added Giguet.

Road Trippin' is sponsored by the Lackawanna County Visitor's Bureau.

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