Donors warned to beware of scammers after Las Vegas shooting


Millions of dollars have already been raised to help the survivors of this week’s deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

While many are opening their hearts, and their wallets, the Better Business Bureau warns that scammers are also taking advantage of people trying to earn some quick cash.

A verified GoFundMe page was at more than $4 million as of early Tuesday evening.

A spokesman for GoFundMe released this statement, which read in part:

…our Trust & Safety Team is providing around the clock support and will continue to monitor the platform to ensure all of the money raised goes directly to the victims. We are reviewing all campaigns created in the aftermath of this horrific shooting and will stay in close touch with all organizers and beneficiaries to ensure the resources get to the right place.

Michele Mason with Better Business Bureau in West Palm Beach says it’s important people do their homework to ensure they are donating to a legitimate organization.

“We remind people if an organization is asking for support, they’re going to need it as much tomorrow as they need it today,” she said. “We do encourage you to do your homework, make sure it is an organization you can verify the legitimacy of.”

BBB has a website where individuals can verify the authenticity of a charitable organization.

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