Las Vegas tour helicopter crashes in Grand Canyon, killing 3

    <p>First Images of downed Papillon aircraft near #GrandCanyon - Pic courtesy Teddy Fujimoto{/p}

    A helicopter crash has left three people dead and four injured, according to a report released by Phoenix NBC station KPNX.

    A Eurocopter EC130 crashed at 5:20 p.m. Saturday under unknown circumstances.

    Hualapai Police Department Chief Francis E. Bradley Sr. confirms that the helicopter was based out of Las Vegas. CNN reports that the helicopter belonged to Las Vegas tour company Papillion.

    At least seven people were on board the crash. The helicopter sustained substantial damage.

    According to the Hualapai Police Department, the four survivors are being treated at the scene. All four are in critical condition, but cannot be airlifted out of the canyon because of the high winds.

    A Papillon helicopter was previously involved in a fatal Grand Canyon crash in 2001. The pilot and 5 tourists from NY were killed, one woman survived.

    Check back for updates.

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