You Decide 2017: Scranton mayoral race


In less than two weeks, voters will elect Scranton's next mayor.

Both incumbent mayor Bill Courtright and his opponent Jim Mulligan were up for election last time around.

Now, voters will soon decide if it's time for a change.

However, Mayor Bill Courtright believes voters want four more years of his administration.

"Confident we've done a very good job over the past four years, so we think the people see that,” Courtright, a Democrat, said.

But his Republican opponent, Jim Mulligan, says the city needs to fix its finances and restore trust to its people.

"No more reckless spending. No more no-bid contracts. No more backroom deals. The people of Scranton deserve and entitled to transparency and accountability,” Mulligan said.

The two candidates are familiar to each other.

Courtright beat Mulligan four years ago.

Mulligan believes the current mayor has proven to be an ineffective leader.

"Leaders don't stay on the sidelines and watch the future of a city unfold. Leaders step up and shape the future of a city. And quite honestly, my opponent has been mailing it in,” Mulligan said.

Courtright, though, says the city is in much better shape than when he took office.

"The city was on the verge of bankruptcy, now we're coming out of distress status after 25 years. We've taken on some of the biggest financial tasks that the city has ever seen,” Courtright said.

Mulligan also doesn't approve of the mayor's negotiations to privatize the sewer and parking authority.

"In those two particular cases: two no-bid oral $200,000 agreements with the same lawyer who happens to be the mayor's largest campaign donor. That's unacceptable,” Mulligan said.

"Everybody needs to raise money in a campaign. I can remember during the DiBileo-Doherty election, they raised a lot of money. I think Mayor Doherty combined almost raised a million dollars. So, you have to raise money in a campaign,” Courtright said.

Election Day is Tuesday November 7th.

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