You Decide 2017: Getting Rid of Property Taxes?

Ballot question to get rid of property taxes for some residents.

A statewide question on the ballot could allow local governments get rid of property taxes, at least for some residents.

It would allow them to exclude up to 100 percent of the assessed value of a home.

Essentially, they wouldn't collect property taxes from those homeowners.

Democratic Representative Marty Flynn says most counties already have a 250 to 300-dollar tax rebate, which is offset by the state's casino funds.

"I definitely think it's a good idea because we need it," Flynn said. "There's a lot of struggling seniors, there's a lot of certain people that are falling through the cracks right now and can't afford to pay their taxes. People who've had their homes paid off for 25 years that are on a fixed income, their taxes are becoming un-affordable."

Flynn says this is separate from Senate Bill 76, which would eliminate property taxes, but increase sales and income taxes.

He says that bill needs tweaking because it would eat into school funds after a few years.

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