Wyoming County community comes together to raise money for family of murder victim

    Wyoming County community comes together to raise money for family of murder victim

    A tragedy is turning strangers into family in Falls.

    Community members held a 'Spaghetti Dinner' at Ardee's Foodrinkery on Sunday.

    They are raising money for the family of Haley Lorenzen, who has been traveling back and forth from Oregon while crews continue the search for Haley's body.

    Police say Haley was murdered back in December.

    "We are overwhelmed at this community's graciousness and love and prayers. We didn't have family in Pennsylvania when Haley moved here, but now we have a whole community as a family," said Traci Dominguez, Haley's aunt.

    Phillip Walters, 31, is accused of dumping Haley's body into the Susquehanna River.

    Due to weather conditions and river levels, crews have had to suspend the search for her body.

    "At this point, we're at the mercy of the conditions of the river and the weather," said Gene Dziak, Lake Winola's Fire Chief.

    Haley's family took a moment today to drop daisies into the water.

    "We will continue to search. We won't give up," said Dziak.

    "We knew that this family needed our help. We wanted to show them that our community is not full of evil," said Liz Dewolfe, one of the event organizers.

    Hundreds of people, including law enforcement leading the search, packed Ardee's to show their support.

    "We had no idea who would show up, but we have actually gone through every bit of pasta we had," said Art Coolbaugh, the owner of Ardee's.

    According to Coolbaugh, that's about 45 pounds of pasta and 20 gallons of sauce.

    "This money will help them fly back and forth. Hotel expenses, food, rental car, it all adds up," said DeWolfe.

    "I feel bad for the family. Extremely bad. And I definitely want to be here to support this. I want that mother have her daughter back," said Dziak.

    "We just want to bring Haley home," said Dominguez.

    Dziak said the fire department purchased new equipment including a camera system to aid in their search once the weather permits.

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