Woman hit and killed while walking dog


DALTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WOLF) -- We're learning more about a Dalton woman killed last night while walking her dog.

Neighbors say she lives right across from where she was hit, and they're sad to hear she's gone.

Dorothy Hayden, 67, was often out walking her dog near her home just outside the downtown area of Dalton, neighbors said.

Around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday night, a truck struck and killed her at the intersection of Lilly Lake Road and E. Main Street, according to coroner Tim Rowland.

"I've seen a lady walking her dog in that area and I was just wondering if that was the same person," says neighbor Charles Bowen.

"I know that my neighbor walks her dog every day," says neighbor Kyle Brown.

One neighbor says he knows Dorothy and her husband in passing, along with their dog, Ranger.

"There's a local kennel that breeds springer spaniels, and he's one of those," says Bowen. "Hunting dogs, very smart, very disciplined, and Dorothy is a nurse and very kind-hearted woman."

Another neighbor, Rob Lopez, saw the police activity, and when it was still there after an hour, he went to see what happened.

"He told me that our neighbor across the street got hit by a pickup truck and I immediately, I was really sad because I've seen this lady walk her dog all the way around town, and she was a really good lady," says Lopez.

"She's always around town. She was with the Cub Scouts for many, many years. I think she might have still been, but she was always walking that dog every day," says area resident Susan Davidson.

Davidson met her at the Dalton Methodist Church, where the Cub Scout meetings would take place.

An administrator at Abington Manor nursing home says she was a nursing supervisor there, where she worked for 15 years.

"A beautiful lady. That's what. She was just the sweetest thing you'd ever want to meet. She really was. It's sad," says Davidson.

"I think that's a shame. This is such a quiet town and it's hard to fathom that you're gonna get hit with a car here, but I guess anything can happen anywhere," says Bowen.

Another neighbor told me off-camera that she was heading out to a family function and waved at Hayden, who was walking her dog, but Hayden didn't seem to notice. The neighbor now thinks this was just minutes before the accident happened, and was sad to think about that.

Lopez thinks a stop sign should be added, even though the area is already posted 25 mph, going up to 35 mph nearby.

"It's a busy road, but then it's yet one more stop sign in the town and it's only it's a small town, but yeah, this is this is a busy road. They come flying down here," says Davidson.

"I'm surprised because traffic doesn't really have a chance to go very fast, but from Waverly down to Dalton, they do kind of come down that hill fast," says Bowen.

We're told Hayden's dog also died sometime after the accident. Police are investigating.

Meantime, Rowland says Hayden died from multiple traumatic injuries and it's been ruled an accidental death.

The wake is set for Friday from 5-8 p.m. and funeral on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at Strauch Funeral Home near Moscow.

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