Which is better: Wawa or Sheetz?

It's one of Pennsylvania's greatest rivalries. Which is better: Sheetz or Wawa? A documentary film set to be released next year claims it'll settle the age-old debate once and for all.

It's a Pennsylvania rivalry many would argue is bigger than the Eagles and Steelers or "youse" vs. "yinz".

We're talking about Sheetz and Wawa.

"I'm a Wawa person through and through."

"I think Sheetz is way better."

A documentary filmmaker from Western Pennsylvania claims they'll settle the debate when "Sheetz vs Wawa: The Movie” is released.

Since we have both convenience meccas in our area, we decided to find out for ourselves.

Now while you can't throw a stone, as the saying goes, without hitting a Sheetz, we do have a few Wawa's in our area.

Like the one on 115 in Blakeslee.

"I love Wawa because, when I come in, the people are so pleasant. And I love their hot chocolate,” Charlie Mar Ervin, of Jim Thorpe, said.

"There food is phenomenal. Always fresh. Always makes sure they give you enough. Everything is always clean here. And they're always on top of things,” Catherine Kibler, of Blakeslee, added.

It's obvious many Wawa fans are crazy about their food.

However, we may have met one of the most passionate Wawa coffee drinkers out there.

"I like their coffee. It's very nice and hot and warm for your soul. And when it gets cold, you can be in your car and drink some... coffee. It's hot!” exclaimed Lisa Jackson of Philadelphia.

Meanwhile at Sheetz, fans are just as passionate about the food.

And let's be honest: who doesn't like a good pastry?

"It's just awesome. I'm actually having Cinnamon bun. The Cinnamon bun twist with the cream cheese icing. It's like the best thing ever, man. You come to Sheetz. They have everything you want!” exclaimed Gerald Hard of Dickson City.

"It's a one-stop shop. Especially with little ones, I get snacks, gas and leave,” Samantha Rowles, of Nanticoke, added.

"They have the gas points! If you have the card, you get three cents off a gallon. Certain stores you shop in; they give you so much off gas,” Edie Levins, of Spring Brook Township, said.

The film is set to be released sometime next year.

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