Weis Markets shooter leaves behind videos of plans

The video shows the 24-year-old donning one of his characters' shirts and loading up on ammo.

A tragedy like the Weis Markets shooting begs the question: why?

In many cases, you can only guess or speculate what led a person to take the lives of others and their own, but Randy Stair, 24, left behind hours of recordings to set the record straight.

Stair had spent nine years building a YouTube audience under a different persona, Andrew Blaze.

He was known for parody videos. He then switched to animation.

His goodbye video, the culmination of his animated Ember's Ghost Squad series was posted to YouTube Wednesday, racking up more than 3,000 views in one day. The video shows the 24-year-old donning one of his characters' shirts and loading up on ammo.

In addition to that video being posted, a folder filled with files was shared on a web-based sharing site.

It contained a collection of suicide tapes and videos labeled as "The Plan," "Goodbye Earth," and "Goodbye Parents." There were also videos of Stair doing target practice with shot guns. There was also a grand tour of the Weis Market he worked in and later died in.

Another video showcases Stair's decision to kill himself at the supermarket. A choice he made by flipping a coin.

Stair notes the victims are part of a "soul contract," a way for him to cross into the animated world he conjured.

He said he knew he was one of the characters back in 2015, and that now it was time to shed flesh and bones, that he doesn't belong on this planet.

Another confession revealed in a document left behind: "I'm a girl who's been trapped in a man's body for two and a half decades."

In his video to his parents, Stair said no one could have seen this coming. He went on to say, if they had gotten him help, it would not have worked.

Stair said he'd been planning to do this for at least three to four months, and he documented those plans along the way.

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