Wayne County community grapples with flash flooding

    Wayne County community grapples with flash flooding

    STARLIGHT, WAYNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- "I've been through three or four floods here, but this is the worst," said Bob Schield.

    When he woke up this morning, his backyard shed was against his house.

    "Terrible, really. My wife has been really... disgusted, you know? She wanted to get out, but at the end you couldn't get out, the creek came up so fast," he shared.

    Water surrounds his Starlight, Wayne County home... after flash flooding brought Balls Creek completely out of its banks onto Penn-York Road.

    "We're getting it the worst on this side. The other side of the creek, they got the bank high. See how high that bank is?" Schield said.

    He feels lucky water didn't get inside his home, but his neighborhood is a mess.

    There's a grill that swept across the road.

    There's a car stuck in reeds, unable to move.

    And the house next door was moved completely off its foundation.

    "Last night was pretty traumatic because all the roads were getting blown out and I was coming through my friend's house," said Adrian Lasorte.

    He lives up the road - his friend, Joe, along the creek was completely surrounded.

    "They're affected by it. There are low lying areas. The creek went over its banks," he said.

    And right across the state line in Deposit, New York, flooding washed out some culvert below railroad tracks, derailing 15 cars of a 63-car train.

    The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says one of the locomotives was carrying 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and a "large percentage" spilled into the Delaware River.

    "When I woke up this morning, I smelled diesel fuel. Immediately." Lasorte recalled.

    Some Pennsylvanians are now worried about the impact on wildlife, and those living along the Delaware.

    "That's not good, because it's an environmental, basically, disaster. Could have been a lot worse," said Lasorte.

    Residents on Penn-York road tell us they want the creek fixed, saying it needs to be dredged so this doesn't happen again.

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