Vigil for Vegas victims


Many in Northeastern Pennsylvania are remembering those affected by the massacre in Las Vegas.

Nearly 2,500 miles away from Las Vegas, about 50 members of the Revival Tabernacle Church came out to remember the 59 souls and more than 500 injured the best way they know how: through prayer.

“Just unbelievable tragedy. Man’s inhumanity to man is really scary. I am very grateful to have a church family like we have here that is concerned about loving others,” Rev. Dr. Brian Johnson said.

It’s the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

In August, Revival Tabernacle filled two trailers full of food, clothing and other supplies to take to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

But this time it’s different.

The victims and their families don’t need material items.

“What people need now is just a hand to hold, a heart to hold,” Johnson added.

Raymond Smith served in Vietnam.

The magnitude of life lost is hard for he and his fellow congregates to digest.

“Who would have ever thought when we were in Vietnam that things like this would happen in our own home land,” Smith said.

While many here say they don’t understand why this happened, they want the victims and their families to know they are not alone.

“It’s in those times that people need to know people that care about them, who are going through this with them. And that is our hope. That they are not alone,” Johnson said.

Many church members plan to gather at 7 both Tuesday morning and evening to prayer again for all those affected.

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