Vic Fangio, of Dunmore, named Denver Broncos Head Coach

    Vic Fangio, of Dunmore, named Denver Broncos Head Coach

    The Denver Broncos have decided on a new Head Coach and he has local roots.

    Vic Fangio has been working in the NFL for years, but he grew up in Dunmore and even coached the Dunmore High School football team.

    "Great day for Northeastern Pennsylvania and football fans here," said Kevin McHale, acting head coach of the Dunmore Bucks.

    McHale says it's great for kids to see Fangio's success, and aspire to follow in his footsteps.

    "Our kids are really excited in school and you can see them over here talking about it," said Coach McHale.

    "You know, I have been keeping up with the news of it, looking and seeing if he was getting the job and it's great he got the job. This program, the coaches teach you more than just football. They teach you to prepare for life," said Charles Valvano, a junior on the team.

    Fangio was a defensive coordinator for Dunmore Bucks from 1979-1981.

    While there, he worked with another local legend, Coach Jack Henzes, who says they still talk on the phone once a week.

    "I just yelled out... fantastic! Great! It's a great feeling for our community, our kids who love him so very much. I used to be a Bears fan, but now I'm going to change over to the Denver Broncos and get all that stuff," said Coach Henzes.

    Before joining the Broncos, Fangio spent more than 30 years working for different teams in the NFL. Most recently, he served as the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears.

    Both Coach Henzes and Coach McHale say Fangio still comes back to his Alma Mater, and hasn't forgotten where he came from.

    "He would always come back in June and July and work out here at the field house and come out to practice and check out the drills and offer new suggestions," said Coach McHale.

    "In fact, last year he watched us practice for a while so I said, 'want to take a drill?' He said yeah and put up cones five yards apart and he had them go through defensive drills and our kids loved him," said Coach Henzes.

    "It's a great lesson for our kids. We try to tell our kids that if you have a goal, it might not take a day or a week or a year, but if you are patient enough and you work hard, you know, you can accomplish those goals," said Coach McHale.

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