USPS letter carrier has bright outlook on delivering mail in frigid temps

USPS Letter carrier walks nine miles in cold to deliver mail

OLD FORGE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WOLF) -- While many of us are are trying to stay bundled up inside, some still have to brave the winter weather.

We met one man who says he doesn't mind, and actually prefers it over a humid summer day.

USPS letter carrier Frank Piccotti makes four to five hundred stops a day to deliver mail.

He says he walks eight or nine miles, and on days like this, he just makes sure to bundle up.

Today he was wearing four layers on top, two on bottom, and thick socks.

He's worked with the postal service for nearly four decades, and the only thing he's worrying about at this point his drink getting slushy.

"It's not cold for me because I have my radio. I have some of the hottest tunes on the radio here and some of the warmest people I know live in Old Forge, so it's doable and it's all good," said Piccotti.

He attributes his attitude to the power of positive thinking.

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