U.S. Marshals may bring closure to 45-year-old cold case

U.S. Marshals may bring closure to 45-year-old cold case

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- U.S. Marshals in Scranton may have cracked a cold case spanning nearly five decades.

William Van Scoten escaped SCI Dallas in 1972 and has never been caught.

He fled while working on a prison work detail, aiding in the aftermath of Hurricane Agnes. He had served just two years of a 10-20 year sentence from a burglary conviction.

U.S. Marshal Martin J. Pane says the break in the case was a family member coming forward - that family member, his son, says Scoten was living under an alias in Canada. That alias was his own son's name, David Paul Hudson.

Now the U.S. Marshals are working with Canadian officials to close the case.

"The U.S. Marshal Service Fugitive here in the Middle District of Pennsylvania task force adopted this case in 1998, so, approximately 26 years he was a fugitive before we got involved in the case. A lot of hours was put into this, we have interviewed people throughout this entire country in at least 12 states," said Mr. Pane.

He says information they have indicates Scoten died in 2003, but are waiting on that confirmation. He also says at this time there are no charges pending family members.

Scoten is believed to have told his son, a former U.S. Marine, about his fugitive status shortly before he passed away.

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