Unsolved in PA: The Case of Joseph Kosak

Joseph Kosak went missing after Easter in 2011

Joseph Kostak was 41-years-old when his mom, Elaine Yerashunas, says he left her house, walked down the street, and seemingly vanished the day after Easter in 2011.

"I keep thinking he'll show up," she says.

Joey was a son, a father, and a brother. His family says he wouldn't have just walked away from them.

Joey's life at the time he went missing wasn't easy. His marriage fell apart. He didn't see his children on a regular basis. He wasn't working.

According to Elaine, he couldn't find a way to cope. So he turned to alcohol to ease the pain.

His sister Lynn Woods says it's no secret Joey was an alcoholic and was dealing with some trying times in his personal life.

Joey lived with his mom on Penn Street, but occasionally stayed at a Salvation Army Shelter. His siblings say it's because he didn't want his mother to see him at such a low point.

After Joey left his mother's house, the family thought he might be at the shelter. But he wasn't. He wasn't anywhere.

"The detective did a search," says Elaine. "I called the Salvation Army, they did searches, I was all over town with flyers."

It's been almost seven years since Joey went missing, but his case is open and active with the Kingston Police Department.

CBS21 News tried to reach out to the department for more information by phone and in person, but hasn't heard back.

The family says the detective they've been working with has seemingly hit a dead end. And so have they.

You can see in their eyes it's painful to talk about Joey.

But his mom still keeps an eye out for him.

"To this day if I go someplace and see the way he walks, somebody that walks like him, and then I pass them in the car, I'll go around the block and come around and see. Make sure it's not him."

The family misses him and need answers, and asks the public to speak up if they know something.

His son Dylan says, "you don't want to lose hope. I hold onto everything I can."

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