United Way of Wyoming Valley delivers holiday cheer and major program funding to WVCA

WOLF-TV (Forty Fort, Luzerne County)--

Smiling faces and holiday cheer...

The United Way of Wyoming Valley brought both to Wyoming Valley Children's Association in Forty Fort Monday.

United Way President and CEO Bill Jones read holiday stories, and handed out presents and treats to some very excited children.

"Every year the United Way is very focused on the issue of early childhood care, and WVCA has been a long-time partner," said Jones.

"So it's really fun to spend some time with the kids today and enjoy their company."

Besides spreading holiday cheer, United Way was there for another reason...

to drop off a $90,000 check--a grant that will go to great use at WVCA.

The grant will support early learning and childcare services for approximately 100 students who are part of a unique preschool program combining education and early intervention services for children with developmental disabilities.

Nina Zanon, Executive Director of WVCA:

"It goes to operating expenses for our 'Together We Grow' preschool program, so it helps us keep the cost of tuition low for our families who otherwise may not be able to afford the program."

"This program is really special for many of those kids and the dollars that have been raised through our campaign that do come here will help a good number of children with the cost of attending," said Jones.

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