Towanda vs Tunkhannock FNR Preview

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Towanda is 6 and 2 and has clinched a district 4 2A playoff berth. The Black Knights feel they have improved as the season as worn on.

Towanda Senior Braydin Ryck said "We have done pretty well. We want to keep working hard. That is our mantra. We can’t control anything else, we got to keep working hard. Our only goal is to really make sure the other team knows that they have played Towanda win or lose."

Craig Dawsey, Towanda head coach added I think the kids are starting to believe and that makes a huge difference in any program is when your kids start to believe and I think they just believe in one another. "

At Tunkhannock High expectations have turned into disappointment after the Tigers have only won one game in 8 weeks. But with Homecoming and big parade scheduled for this weekend. Their hoping the need the season on a high note.

Tigers head coach Jan Cechak said," I would love to end it 3 and 7, We are hoping that when they come in Friday night our kids will just get their first home win and their second win of the season and then we have Northwest."

To get that win this week Tunkhannock will lean on the Wyoming valley conferences leading rusher Logan Cywinski.

Logan said " I have the mentality that your not going to hit me I am going to hit you. I feel like not a lot of players have that is what makes me special. If you look at my highlight film there are some hits I am just running over people. I have the strength to do that."

Chechak added " He cares about his classroom work, he got a 4.1 gpa, he scored I believe almost 1200 on his boards , he’s dedicated to the weight room and it’s been good for the other kids on our team. They are looking at Logan and there going wow he benches 355and squats 530 oh my god..But it’s through hard work in the last two years he dedicated himself and some of those kids are starting to step up. "

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