Busy season for holiday deliveries - assuring your package makes it home

Busy season for holiday deliveries - will your package make it home?

EDWARDSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- Tis the season... for brown boxes, shipped cross-city, county and country.

But sometimes those boxes don't make it where they're supposed to go.

"Getting it all done is harrowing. It's also time consuming to make sure that addresses are validated, to make sure that everybody is taken care of, to make sure that everything goes in the right box, and the right box does go to the right destination," said UPS Manager Gabe Dalessandro.

Dalessandro manages the UPS store in the Gateway Shopping Center, and says that while sometimes human error can be a factor on the delivery side, it's often a mix-up with the customer placing the delivery.

He says in just the last week they've had three or four dozen calls from people who've put the wrong address to ship their package.

Dalessandro says that in his twenty-five years with UPS, the biggest change he's seen is with technology - for better and worse.

"People will stand in line and have addresses in phones or bad connections or they're not getting the right connection with their phone to make things move smoothly," he said.

But for the better comes when packages go missing.

"We're able to pinpoint exactly where a package may be, where it was left off, where it was delivered to," said Dalessandro.

There have also been some recent reports of stolen packages in our area. Trooper Deanna Piekanski says to contact the company first, to make sure a package was stolen, before calling police.

"A lot of them you can sign up and get a text when it's coming. They'll let you know that it should be here by a certain time on this date. They'll let you know when they get there. They deliver it, they'll send you another text. So, that's one of the best ways to check on it," she said.

"You should make sure that you get a guaranteed signature for your packages at this time of the year, or if not, have somebody at home, around, to make sure that they're there to get their package," Dalessandro adds.

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