Timothy Piazza's father: Time to man up fellas and be held accountable for your actions

Officials have filed new charges in the death of Penn State fraternity pledge Timothy Piazza.

The charges were filed after the discovery of new video from the night of Piazza's February 2017 death.

Piazza's family say he died after a hazing ritual in which pledges are compelled to get a drunk as possible.

Jim Piazza, Tim's father, gave an emotional speech today.

Coersing someone to drink seven to eight drinks in 12 minutes or close to 20 drinks in matter of 90 minutes is reckless, and according to the police and the DA is criminal. They then left him to die alone and they tried to cover it up. Hazing is illegal and justice needs to be served. It's time to man up fellas and be held accountable for your actions. We are making holiday plans without our son, Tim, because of your actions. If you did not commit the actions you did, we would not be here today and we would be anxiously be waiting for Tim's return home for Thanksgiving break on Friday.

The DA says the surveillance video shows the fraternity brothers giving Piazza at least 18 drinks in an 82-minute period.

Previously released video showed him falling down flight of stairs following the event.

The DA says the new video had been deleted.

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