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Even in 2018, most people don’t turn the term "smart home" into a reality, at least without a little help.

But for the company, Automated Lifestyles, that’s what they do.

“We’ll do WIFI, a security system, we do some lighting control, we do audio as well, that makes everything controlled off of your phone. So it takes a larger home, or sometimes homes that are not necessarily easily managed, and it makes it a little bit easier for you to manage off of your phone," Thomas Christopher, project manager, said.

Based out of Moscow, and currently made up of only 6 employees, they make homes “smart” all across Northeastern PA and parts of New York.

“This is pretty much the brains of the house There’s motorized speakers we did the best of both worlds and there’s an actual shade that, should you push a button, that comes down to cover the TV, and then when you want to watch TV you push the button, and the TV’s there," said Christopher.

Thomas says the company is in its growth phase and they’re looking to hire employees with skills such as troubleshooting.

Half of their employees are former Johnson College students.

“I love hiring people from Johnson because I feel like they have the skills that I need out of new employees to come in cause they have the hands-on training, they’re familiar with a lot of the products we use, so it makes my job a lot easier when I hire someone from Johnson College," he said.

You’ll find Automated Lifestyles at the college’s job fairs and doing classroom presentations to recruit future employees.

Thomas says keeping up with technology is a constant battle, so the more you know, the better.

“I like to learn myself so it’s cool when I hire someone that can show me something new. It’s kind of like fun, like alright, this is going to be great cause obviously, we’re going to be showing each other new things," Christopher said.

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