Taylor Swift fan battling brain cancer gets help in quest to meet her from Meghan McCain


    SCRANTON (WOLF) -- A young woman from Scranton battling brain cancer is on a mission to meet Taylor Swift.

    And she just got some help from a big name on Twitter.

    Just halfway through 2018, and 21-year-old Lexi Caviston of Scranton has been through more than some people experience in their entire lives.

    In December, she was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer called glioblastoma and underwent surgery to remove a tumor.

    "I had a month to recover and then six weeks of proton radiation and six weeks of chemotherapy," Caviston said.

    Lexi is still undergoing treatment, but is doing much better today.

    And she's excited -- she's going down to Philly next Saturday to see her favorite singer Taylor Swift perform.

    Lexi's best friend Alexandra surprised her with tickets.

    "I started sobbing, like crying for a good hour and a half," Caviston said.

    But Alexandra didn't stop there.

    Knowing how much Lexi loves Swift, she wanted to take her concert experience to the next level and made a public plea on Twitter to the pop star in hopes that Lexi will get to meet her next week.

    This past Friday, that tweet caught the attention of someone unexpected.

    "She just texted me in all caps and said Meghan McCain retweeted my tweet about you and I was like, oh my gosh what do you mean she retweeted it? I said what, so then I went to her Twitter and then I saw it and my heart just started racing, I started crying," Caviston said.

    McCain is the daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain, who is battling the same type of brain cancer Lexi is.

    In that retweet, she asked Swift to meet Lexi in Philly.

    Lexi says getting that support from Meghan McCain is overwhelming and in a way brings her story full circle.

    "When I was diagnosed, my doctor was talking to me about it and he told me what it was and I said John McCain has that right? So John McCain was honestly like the first person that came to mind when I heard what it was I was diagnosed," Caviston said.

    And even if that meeting with Taylor Swift doesn't happen, Lexi and her family say they're grateful that now viral tweet is bringing more awareness to glioblastoma.

    "I think its also cooler to see the people who she's getting messages from outside of it, such as other patients with glioblastoma, all ages, and we're hearing their success stories too," Caviston's boyfriend Joshua Ashmar said.

    Lexi says even though she does not currently have any tumors, she will require treatment until a cure is found.

    She and her family are hoping to hear good news from Taylor Swift before the concert on Saturday.

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