Sweets for your sweetheart - candy shop ramps up for Valentine's Day

Sweets for your sweetheart - chocolate shop ramps up for Valentine's Day

If you're still looking for something sweet for your sweetheart this Valentine's... there are still plenty of chocolates to go around.

Victoria's Candies has production in full swing for one of their busiest times of year.

The Hazleton-based, family owned and operated business says they've got something for everybody - both guys and gals.

With an array of heart-shaped boxes - you can fill the inside with whatever you want.

Owner Paul Esposito says they're famous for their vanilla buttercreams, but this season the hot items are chocolate covered strawberries, cherries and truffles.

"We have really been doing a bunch of wholesalers so we sell to about 50 or 60 other candy stores that rely on us for occasions like this, so for Valentine's Day, Easter. We sell all up and down the East Coast and out to the Midwest," he said.

There are three storefronts in our area, two in Hazleton and one in Edwardsville.

You can also order online.

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