SWB Railriders Justus Sheffield

When Number 4 takes the mound for the Scranton Wilkes Barre RailRiders make sure you are paying attention.

You see Justus Sheffleid is mowing down hitters at a strikeout per inning and he is just getting better.

“Pretty power pitcher so I like to use my fast ball and work off that. And then whatever is going good for me. Usually my strikeout pitch is my slider but I got the third pitch in my back pocket and that’s my change-up," said Sheffield.

Sheffield started his professional career 4 seasons ago in the Cleveland Indians organization.

He has worked his way through the minors with his talented arm. But now it’s more then just going out on the mound for the Tennessee native.

"There is some stuff we are doing delivery wise to help his timing, but other then that mostly focus on game plan and how to use his pitches ,how to regroup ya know when he starts going to fast and just those in game adjustments. Learning how to read hitters swings and how to attack," said Tommy Phelps, the RailRider's Pitching Coach.

“You know it is a different game the levels you move up," Sheffield said.

Since being traded from Cleveland to the New York Yankees two seasons ago, the 22-year-old has thought a lot about moving from PNC field to the Bronx.

“Ya know I dream about it almost every night so hopefully I can turn those dreams into reality," he added.

"I would not say he is major league ready right now. You need to see the consistency outing after outing. So it is just matter of time when he gets the experience and you know just the savviness that comes with it," Phelps said.

Starting July 12, 2018 you can watch some of the RailRiders games live on MYTV-WQMY.

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