Suds are back in Black Creek Township

Suds are back in Black Creek Township

BLACK CREEK TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WOLF) -- The suds have returned to Black Creek Township and residents are not happy.

Locals discovered it Friday morning.

This comes a month after suds were found down several miles of Black Creek.

The Department of Environmental protection did tests and determined the water contained a detergent chemical.

They also found that the source of the suds traced back to a sewer pipe from Henkel corporation, whose facility sits on an industrial site several miles upstream.

The DEP issued a violation notice to Henkel, who said they have since fixed the pipe.

They are now investigating whether Henkel is responsible again and if these suds are leftover from the last incident.

The township supervisor says this isn't fair to the community or wildlife in Black Creek.

"It's very disappointing because this situation was supposed to be resolved several weeks ago and apparently it was only a temporary fix. They need to find a way to fix this permanently so that our residents don't have to deal with foam in the creek that's right behind their homes," said Township Supervisor Dr. Saura Rohrbach.

The DEP will also investigate possible long term impacts to the creek.

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