Study: Pocono town has the longest commute in the country

A U.S. Census Bureau study found East Stroudsburg has the longest one-way commute to work in the nation.

Most residents in East Stroudsburg agree their small borough is bustling these days.

But if you tell them it's also home to the country's longest commute to work, you'll catch some of them, like Micah Kemmerer, off guard.

"To be in the whole country, that's shocking. I mean, it's amazing,” Kemmerer said.

Between 2012 and 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau looked at the average commute times for every county in the country.

The study looked at all types of transportation.

The longest one-way commute: the East Stroudsburg metro area.

It clocked in at 38.6 minutes.

That's longer than every major city in the country.

For example, the New York metro commute came in at 36.9 minutes.

And the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area clocked in at 34.4 minutes.

The average commute time in East Stroudsburg has actually gone down from 39.3 minutes back in 2009.

Anthony Lorie comes to Broadhead Brew on Crystal Street for breakfast every morning.

He's a realtor who's lived in East Stroudsburg for more than 30 years.

Lorie says more and more people are moving here, while keeping their jobs in New York City.

"Most of our sales have been commuters and they come here, at one point, lower taxes, and a bigger house for the money and better schools for their children,” Lorie said.

Lorie says most people he sells homes to have a commute time of over an hour.

"They do it for their families. You know, they earn the higher amount of money in New York and New Jersey and come up here for a better way of life,” he added.

If you mention the long talked about train which would take commuters from East Stroudsburg to New York City, you'll be met with a sigh from some.

But Borough Manager Brian Bond says it's not out of the question.

"I know there is still some talk and I think behind closed doors, it's still in the works, it's still in the process. I'm not sure when it may happen."

The study found that commute times increased in communities across the country overall.

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