State Police investigate bomb threat at high school in Monroe County

State Police investigate bomb threat at high school in Monroe County

BROADHEADSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WOLF) -- Pleasant Valley High school remains on lockdown Monday as State Police investigate a bomb threat.

District officials initially called the closure "precautionary" and due to a "safety concern" around 6:30 this morning.

Some PVHS students told us they'd been hearing rumors all morning.

"I didn't think much by it. I just assumed it was some kid trying to cancel school, but if it's legit that's definitely scary," said PV Senior Tucker Anglemyer.

While the closure was just at the high school, some middle school parents were concerned they weren't let out with their school sitting just across the street.

Morfia Fava's daughter attends the middle school. She says she spent the morning frantic.

"They were kept on the bus for a certain length of time before they were even released off the bus when they were in the building. And I was told I couldn't go pick her up, that it was a safety concern for parents to come to the school," said Fava. "A whole string of emotions, you know. It was confusion, concern, anger, not being able to be the one able to make the call whether I wanted my daughter to go to school or not."

After sweeping the building with canines, State Police deemed the building safe around 12:30 this afternoon.

District officials tweeted shortly after, explaining the bomb threat was directed just at the high school and discovered early this morning.

They say that while it wasn't perceived to be credible, it was specific and they immediately contacted PSP.

Some parents still wonder why other nearby schools remained open.

"If you're concerned about children's safety, close both schools. If it's too close to call, you're unsure, better to be safe than sorry," said Fava.

The district says they will continue to work with State Police and prosecute those responsible.

All meetings and activities scheduled at the high school this evening are canceled.

School will resume Tuesday.

The school day will be made up on President's Day.

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