State lawmakers host "Pathways to Pardons" event in Scranton

Pathway to Pardons

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- State Rep. Marty Flynn and Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack hosting a “Pathways to Pardons” event at the Scranton Hilton Wednesday night.

They say they want to help non-violent offenders in the community, who are now on the straight and narrow, get a second chance. Their prior convictions can make it hard for them to find jobs.

Lieutenant Governor Stack started the “Pathways to Pardons” program, along with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, and other government agencies.

Each event presents information to the public about how they can obtain a pardon from the governor.

State Rep. Flynn says he got the idea to host Wednesday’s event after seeing the Lieutenant Governor host similar events in other districts.

"We have a similar population where we have a lot of non-violent offenders who have cleaned their lives up over the past years. And have the stigma of being called an ex-con,” State Rep. Flynn said.

"We want to make sure we help them clean up their record, and a pardon is a way to do it if they have earned it, and its in everybody's interest because we want them to be able to return, be full citizens, get good jobs, to support their families, and that's what its all about," Lieutenant Governor Stack said.

Individuals who have misdemeanor or felony convictions in PA can apply for a pardon with the PA Board of Pardons.

The process takes about three years, during which probation and parole officers investigate the applicant.

Then, if approved, the application will be granted a public hearing where the Board of Pardons votes if the application will go before the governor.

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