State agencies raid Danny's Garage in Scranton

A raid at Danny's Garage in Scranton.

Tuesday, The Attorney General's Office and state police raided a mechanic shop belonging to the Scranton School Districts former fleet manager.

The raid is believed to be connected to the state's investigation into the Scranton school board's budget.

Authorities searched Danny's Garage for most of the day. Dan Sansky is garage's owner.

A state audit revealed that over the last 12 years, the school district circumvented payment procedures, improperly provided health benefits and failed to issue required tax documents to a mechanic doing work for the district while not an employee.

A subpoena, seen through the window of a car parked on the property, orders Danny Garage's Custodian of Records to testify in front of a grand jury next month.

Officers were seen leaving the property with several boxes.

Our reporters knocked on the door of Danny's Garage after the raid concluded. No one was available to comment.

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