Some Lincoln Plaza residents to return home, others uncertain

Some Lincoln Plaza residents to return home, others uncertain

WILKES-BARRE (WOLF) -- Residents from the 1st through 4th floors of a high rise apartment building will be able to return home tonight, after being evacuated in the midst of a deadly fire.

The fire killed two women and evacuated more than 150 on Tuesday.

With trash bags of belongings and a box of prescriptions, resident Chere McMillan had been waiting for word on whether she can go home.

"I was fortunate. I was able to go to my son's. But we started off across the street and we spent hours there," she said.

And Thursday, she has heart surgery.

"God let me out of the building, so I'll be okay for my surgery," she shared.

She feels that through all the chaos of Tuesday's fire, she was well taken care of.

"It was so organized here, from the firemen that were first here and went in the building and made sure everybody was out, to getting the animals out, to getting the people their medications," McMillan said.

As a resident on the second floor, Chere can return home tonight.

But those above the 5th floor, where the fire started, still can't go back.

Michele Hallock lives on the 6th floor.

"I haven't had a chance to take a shower because I haven't had clean clothes. I was going to take a shower before the fire started," she said.

Hallock is one of many staying at the temporary shelter at GAR Memorial High school.

"Maybe a day or two, I'm not sure. My apartment really really wasn't all that damaged. I was lucky," she said.

And before the remaining residents can return, fire officials want to make sure that other floors are safe.

"It was retrofitted with pressurized fire towers north and south that assist during fire to alleviate the smoke conditions that would be in the stair towers and that's how we got a lot of these folks out. So we certainly want to make sure they're operational before we let anyone back in,"

The Wilkes-Barre City Fire Department and Wilkes-Barre Housing Authority say they will determine tomorrow when the remaining residents from the 5th through 10th floors will be able to return as well.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by State Police Fire Marshal.

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