Shots fired into lounge and man injured


POTTSVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WOLF) -- Witnesses say a man was shot in the leg after someone started firing a gun into a Pottsville lounge overnight.

According to the Republican Herald, police say a 36-year-old man was treated and released for minor injuries after the shots fired here. Police would not tell the newspaper whether he was actually shot.

There are a few bullet holes in the glass window and the door and window has been boarded up at 304 W. Market Street.

Kenneth Lucas says he was in his Arizona Video store around 3 a.m. on Sunday when he heard about five shots outside.

"One shot slow, then two shots. I'd probably say about a two-second interval between the first and second shot. And then the last three shots were very fast," says Lucas. "The guy that did the gunshots here went right up the street past my shop, but it was very quick."

Lucas says he went outside to discover damage at the Remote Break Room, an after-hours club next door, and a man holding his hip.

"One of the guys came running out who was hit. He wasn't sure if he was actually even hit at first, but then he was because everybody was dodging," says Lucas. "He was holding his leg and he was saying, 'I'm bleeding out! I'm bleeding out!' and then, I called the police."

"I was like oh what's that, and I looked out and I seen all these police and ambulances out," says neighbor Michael Dovosh.

Lounge owner A.J. Stanfield refused an interview, but showed us inside, giving a laundry list of things he's been doing, from helping the homeless, to planning a motivational speaker visit, and food in the building next door at 300.

Stanfield says he's recently been changing his three-year-old business to the Netflix and Grill and YouTube studio, and doesn't want it to be focused as an after-hours club, but more as a community space. He wants people to have an appointment and not come after 2 a.m.

Stanfield says he ducked down to the ground and heard the shots, and hasn't been able to talk to the man who watches the door.

He believes the people wanted to come into the place, but were not being allowed in. He says he may post more information on his Facebook page "A.J. DaHairo."

Police say we have to talk to the chief on Monday.

"That's horrible. It's horrible. There's no reason for violence. You should use your mind," says area resident Charlene Cougle.

"He's trying to clean this place up. He doesn't want this after-2 a.m. activity anymore," says Lucas. "I'm assuming [the shooter] was trying to get in for the after-hours and they wouldn't let him in, and then whatever words exchanged from there, it escalated."

One apartment neighbor told me off-camera that after a drive-by shooting happened nearby in August, and now this, he wants to move. Many beamoned what they say is a changing town.

"For the last five years I've seen this place, it's been slowly turning into a rat hole," says Phillip Kelly, who's visiting a girlfriend.

Neighbors believe the shooter is still at large. Police are investigating.

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