Shoppers react to possibility of Toys "R" Us closing

Many reports indicate the Toys "R" Us store in Wilkes-Barre, along with others nationwide, could close as early as this week.

Toys "R" Us and its Babies "R" Us counterpart could all close by the end of the week, according to several published reports.

So, on Tuesday night, the parking lot was packed with customers like Martha Taylor.

“We're seeing if there are any good deals,” Taylor exclaimed.

Taylor was there with her daughter and six-year-old grandson.

“And the big discussion was 'do we tell him, or not tell him?' Because, it'll ruin his day. And my daughter said, I'm so mad, because I was a Toys R Us Kid! I can't believe this is happening,” Taylor said.

There hasn't been an official announcement from the store about its future just yet.

However, the retailer filed for bankruptcy last fall and planned to shut down many of its stores.

Now it seems an annoumement to close all of them could come at any time.

Some we spoke to have fond memories of coming to store as a kid.

“The leggos. Spent hundreds, if not thousands on leggos. Building them all the time. Playing with them here,” Walker Regis, of West Wyoming, said.

“Wearing the crown on your head. It was a big deal,” Diane Polzer, of Wilkes-Barre, added.

Polzer says it’s sad her nearly three-year-old daughter may not be able to have that same experience she had growing up.

She believes many stores are closing due to the convenience of online shopping.

“For toys, I prefer to go to a store. You get more of a selection. You get to really see it,” Polzer said.

“Something that we've all known is coming to an end. And it's sad, because it's happening with a lot of things. And what are they going to do with the giraffe? What are they going to do with him? It's awful,” Taylor said.

Experts encourage shoppers to use gift cards immediately.

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