Shamokin mother charged with abusing her 21-day-old twins

Children and Youth contacted police after a woman brought her two infants to the hospital Wednesday night with multiple fractured bones.

Authorities say 29-year-old Tifany Walter was later arrested and questioned about her two 21-day-old children's injuries.

Both infants suffered multiple bone fractures, including a burn and injury inside one of their mouths.

Walter denied to police that she abused her children.

Officers say she had no emotion during the interview and was on her phone avoiding eye contact.

According to the criminal complaint, Walter admitted that she dropped one of the twins into a pack and play because "he likes to sleep on his stomach." She said the pack and play "wasn't very high."

She also told police she dropped the other infant on an air mattress where he landed on his back, bounced, and ended on his stomach.

Court documents show Walter stating she is bipolar and needs medication because she's been off of it.

Walter is charged with multiple counts of abuse and aggravated assault.

She is at the Northumberland County Jail with $100,000 set bail.

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