Shamokin Area Middle/High School lockdown lifted

The Shamokin Area Middle/High School was placed on lockdown Wednesday after reports of a bullet found in the hallway outside of a classroom.

Students remained in their classrooms as Coal Township Police and school staff searched the building.

Briana Peterson drove to the school to pick up her daughter, Jenna.

"The parents got a phone call at 9:50 this morning stating that our kids were on lockdown due to them finding a bullet in the school," said Peterson.

"They like wanded everyone and searched everyone's locker. My friend went to her locker and her backpack was unhung and everything like that," said Jenna.

The Shamokin School District released a statement saying no contraband was found.

But some parents think the incident is raising alarms about the metal detector system that's currently in place at the high school.

"You found a bullet in a school that has a metal detector that every child is supposed to go through to make sure our kids are safe," said Peterson.

Briana's daughter Jenna is in ninth grade. She said she had only been chosen to walk through the detectors once this year.

"I wouldn't mind coming to school earlier if it meant I'm not gonna lose any of my friends," Jenna said.

"I mean, what's next? Are they going to finally do it when there's actually a gun in the building and people are shot? And by that time its too late," said Peterson.

The lockdown was lifted around 1:00 p.m. Wednesday after a three hour long search.

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