Scranton Area School District gets additional $2M in state funding

Lawmakers announce $2 million in state funding for Scranton School District.

The Scranton School District is getting an additional $2 million in state funding.

State Senator John Blake and State Representative Marty Flynn made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

"This additional $2 million in state funding is provided out of sincere concern for the Scranton School District’s 10,000 students and their families; the district’s hard-working teachers; and, of course, for the city’s taxpayers," Blake said. “We look forward to continued work with the PA Department of Education; members of the school board; and the Scranton Federation of Teachers as we try to stabilize the district’s finances and ensure efficiency and sustainability going forward.”

Earlier this year, Scranton School District entered Financial Watch Status under the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

“Since the Financial Watch Status was announced, we have been working diligently to provide much-needed, and additional financial support to the District. The funding was made possible due to a bipartisan budget effort in the PA Senate and House," said Blake.

Scranton School District released a statement, saying in part:

The Board understands that these funds are not a bailout, but a gesture of good faith, as the District will work hard in the coming weeks and months to make the necessary immediate and long-term changes that will set it on a sustainable financial path. The Scranton School Board looks forward to continuing to work with Superintendent Kirijan, the District administration, and the Scranton Federation of Teachers to correct past errors, mitigate operational issues, and find solutions that address our financial issues without undermining educational opportunities available to Scranton’s students.
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