Scranton School Board votes on 2018 district budget

Scranton School Board votes on 2018 district budget

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- Thursday night the Scranton School Board voted unanimously for the proposed 2018 budget.

Part of that includes 89 teacher cuts across school levels.

It was originally thought that those cuts would include several arts, music, and language teachers, but tonight the district superintendent says that may not the case.

Thursday the board passed an unbalanced budget, and now have until April 1st to decide if that is the number of teachers that will be cut, and where those cuts will come from.

They are allotted an extra ninety days because of district's financial watch status with the state.

The budget was approved as a whole, and not by each proposed cut.

"It was a long process. We made incredible gains by scrubbing the budget as much as we possibly could and bringing the deficit down to just about $3.5 million," said Scranton School District Superintendent Dr. Alexis Kirijan.

The school district employs 931 teachers and the budget would cut nearly ten percent of the district's teaching staff.

Some who spoke tonight before the final vote say these actions may repel families from wanting to move to the City of Scranton.

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