Scranton School Board submits action plan, discusses boundary changes

Scranton School Board submits action plan, discusses boundary changes

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- Scranton School District officials continue moving forward with changes to tackle the remaining $3.8 million deficit.

This week passing and submitting an action plan to the Pennsylvania Department of Education in response to each of the nine findings in the auditor generals scathing report of district finances, calling it "the worst he'd ever seen."

"We examined each one of those findings and implemented many of the recommended many of the changes that the auditor had cited in the audit," said Scranton School Board President Barb Dixon.

The action plan takes a tone of forward motion though without taking much responsibility for past mismanagement.

When asked if she feels if the board is doing enough to address the presented concerns, Dixon says they definitely are.

"I think we're taking a very diligent stance on it and we're implementing maybe a little bit more," she said.

In a meeting tonight district officials discuss possibly shifting school boundaries, potentially changing where kids will go to school.

They're hoping to balance elementary and high school populations between South and West Scranton.

"Each grade level has four sections and each one of them is pushing capacity. And mine, we're on the lighter side, and this would make a drastic difference for both schools," said John F. Kennedy Principal Nathan Barrett.

Many district leaders worry about overcrowding with many schools already at capacity, and Scranton's increasing population.

"We're getting hit from all angles and we have to figure out a way for the state to come in and continue to help us, like they did this past year, and maybe more so next year, and make sure these students are getting as much service as they can from what we have to provide," said School Board Director Paul Duffy.

Superintendent Dr. Alexis Kirijan says students already at high schools would be grandfathered in to the proposed plan.

The board has until the end of March to pass a balanced budget.

The auditor general's office says their next district audit they review the board's action plan to see how it was put into effect.

Tonight's meeting was for discussion purposes only and no vote was made.

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