Scranton Lady Royals


This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the University of Scranton Lady's basketball team. But don't tell that to them.

Scranton junior Bridgett Mann " We kind of started with that underdog mentality. It has kind of just spiraled from there."

Scranton Sophomore Emily sheehan" Definitely proved a lot of people wrong this year already. We are just trying to do what we can to keep it going as long as we can.:

The winning has gone on since December 2nd when the Lady royals lost for the last time. That's 23 wins in a row with a lot of help from Dunmore's Emily Sheehan and Wallenpaupacks Bridgett Mann

Scranton coach Trevor woodruff " there is not question that they are two of the biggest reasons. you look at Bridgett she has carried the work load for us offensively throughout the season.

Emily sheehan is really our number one defense player. so they are kind of the ying and Yang."

Bridgett added " It is actually really cool. You never really you would have thought you would come ot the games when you were little and everything. it was something you aspire to be

and to put that uniform on there is so much tradition and you can just fell it in the locker room."

The lady royals will need that tradition in their first game when they meet 5th ranked Bowdoin…

If the Lady royals can knock off the Polar Bears they will leap into the elite 8 with a chance of getting to the final four for the first time since 2006.

Scranton senior Katie Broderick " they are a great team and we haven't seen a team like them who presses the way they do and what not and they are aggressive. so we just have to come out and play our best game.

Mann added " As long as we can keep our composure and play to the ability that we have been doing all season i think we will be fine. "

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