Scranton city council may sue county commissioners

Lackawanna County Commissioners Vote for Residency Requirement

Scranton City Council may sue the Lackawanna County commissioners in an effort to force them to conduct a property tax reassessment.

In a 4-1 vote Thursday night, council motioned to urge Mayor Bill Courtright to sue the county commissioners if they fail to move forward with a property tax reassessment.

Council member Wayne Evans made the motion.

“It’s time. It’s 40 plus years, almost 50 years since the last reassessment. It’s the constitutional duty of the commissioners to make sure that there’s tax equity for all taxpayers. They’re doing that. So, we had no choice, Evans explained.

On Wednesday, the Commissioners announced they wouldn't move forward with plans for a reassessment.

The question was on Tuesday's ballot, but didn't count since two courts found it to be too confusing for people to understand.

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