Schuylkill League Football


The Schuylkill country club was all full of preseason excitement this week as the Schuylkill football league gets set to start another season.

For the hurricanes of Schuylkill Haven the return of several keys players on their 12 win District 11 championship team has the hurricanes the top team to beat in division 2,

Josh Kaylan-SR, QB: all of our line is basically coming back, our backs are very skilled set and you know, this is only my first year starting but I still know the system i have known it for a while now so I think it is going to run pretty fluently.

Marian catholic welcomes in a new coach for the first time in four decades. The high expectations haven’t changed under new coach Pat Morgan’s.

Aidan: Marian’s brand of football has always been the same, the traditions the same. We are all optimistic to play, the coach is bringing in a new offense, it’s all new but the tradition and the brand is the same so we are all excited to play.

Pottsville lost a close one in the District 11 semifinals. The tide has tasted success and want to keep it going.

Ian Rennniger: We have a lot of excitement going into this year. I mean last year coming off a great year those kids showed us the way how to win football games. We worked so hard this summer this year and we are getting after it during training camp.

Bob: Here at the Eagles Nest Blue mountain returns thirteen players on both sides of the ball to a team that won 9 games in 2106. This season the Eagles want to fly higher and farther.

David Krewson: There is always that undefeated season going goal in the back of our minds but I think we are going to have a strong season and I want to have a winning record and hopefully a championship at the end of the road.

For Lehighton, may have won only 4 games last season but the Indians feel they could surprise some people in the League.

Dane: We are excited cause we are going to be the underdogs use of our 4 and 7 record last season. We did not meet our expectations but this year I feel like our returning offieve line and our quarterback and all of the secondary positions and our defense and everybody i just feel like we are going to just come together and have a great year.

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