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    The Lady royals are once again at the top of the Landmark Conference and ranked number 3 in the country. Scranton is led by senior guard Brdigette Mann, a first team preseason all American who is averaging over 14 points a game while shooting 46 percent in 3’s

    Bridgette Mann-Scranton Senior ( Wallenpaupack) “It is definitely very humbling but I know that those awards mean noting if I don’t have the teammates that I have so although they are great honors I do commend my team a lot for having my back and helping me become the player I am today. “

    Scranton is seeking their 6th straight appearance in the NCAA tournament. The Lady Royals have the talent to compete on a national level and know they are going to get each teams best shot.

    Mann “ We have a lot of talent this year and a lot of young kids are stepping up too. “

    Emily Sheehan- Scranton Junior ( Dunmore) “ Every game is motivational just because we know that we are going to get everyone’s best shot. We have a big target on our back because of that reputation. I think that is motivation for us knowing that we have to come out and play every game the best that we can. “

    The Women’s success is being matched by the men. The Royals won 12 straight games to begin the season with a team that only plays one senior.

    Jack Connelly- Scranton Senior “ What keeps us going is that we are so compatible. One of the biggest things is the comradery off the court that we are able to carry onto the floor. These guys do a great job sticking together and playing for the guy next to them

    Scranton miss the landmark playoffs last season. But with this talented group of youngster the royals a revival .

    Logan Bailey-Scranton Sophomore-(Prep) “our athleticism works very well. We take advantage of that since a lot of team we play are as athletic or as long as us. We get up and down the floor and up on defense harassing other teams. I think the all around feeling we have this year , the attitude in the locker room and everything like that

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