UPDATED | Roads closed due to flooding

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    UPDATED: 9/18/18 3:16pm

    Motorists are advised several more roads are closed in the area due to flooding. This release includes long-term closures with detours that have been in effect due to previous flooding in the region as well as roads that closed as of this morning, Tuesday, September 18.

    Bradford County

    • Route 549 between Route 4031 (Coryland Road) and Route 328 in Wells Township.

    Columbia County

    • Route 4041 (Rohrsburg Road) between Sportsman Club Road and Green Creek Road in Orange Township.

    Tioga County

    • (New) Route 1007 (Elk Run Road) between Ashley Hill Road in Sullivan Township and Reynolds Road in Rutland Township.

    Closures with long-term detours due to previous flooding:

    Bradford County

    • Route 1023 (Irish Ridge Road) between Route 467 in Rome Township and Grimes Road in Wysox Township. The detour is Mercur Hill Road, Route 6, Route 187 and Route 467.
    • Route 1051 (Gulf Road) between Route 467 in Orwell Township and Leraysville Road in Warren Township. The detour is Orwell Hill Road, Sugar Cabin Road and Leraysville Road.
    • Route 2013 (Rienze Road) between Wyalusing/New Albany Road and May Road in Terry Township. The detour is Spring Lake Road and May Road.
    • Route 2025 (Homets Ferry Road) between Arrowhead Lane and Route 2038 (To The Ferry Road) in Wyalusing Township. The detour is Schoolhouse Road, River View Road and Pond Road.
    • Route 2038 (To The Ferry Road) at the intersection of Homets Ferry Road in Wyalusing Township. Access is via Route 6.
    • Route 3002 (Overton Road) between Route 220 in New Albany Borough and Hatch Hill Road in Overton Township. The detour is Hatch Hill Road.
    • Route 4011 (Church Street) between Berwick Turnpike Road and Main Street in Smithfield Township. The detour is Berwick Turnpike and Springfield Road/Main Street.
    • Route 4028 (Monkey Run Road) between the South Creek Township line and the Berwick Turnpike in Ridgebury Township. The detour is Gee Road.

    Columbia County

    • Route 1020 (Winding Road) between Route 487 and Ridge Road in Fishing Creek Township is closed. The detour is Route 487, Route 239, Bendertown Road and Ridge Road. Work on this road, as well as permanent repairs to Zaners Bridge Road, is expected to begin Monday, September 17.
    • Route 1022 (Zaners Bridge Road) just east of Honeytown Road in Fishing Creek Township. There is access to the road on either side of the closure.
    • Route 4009 (Millville Road) between Route 42 in Hemlock Township and Route 11 in the Town of Bloomsburg is closed. A detour is Route 42 and Route 11.

    Lycoming County

    • Route 87 just north of Route 1007 (Dunwoody Road) at the Village of Barbours. The detour is Interstate 180, Route 220 and Route 154.
    • Route 2055 (Chippewa Road) between Route 405 in Muncy Creek Township and Beacon Light Road in Muncy Township. The detour is E. Lime Bluff Road, Lime Bluff Road and Route 405.

    Montour County

    • Route 1011 (Fox Hollow Road) between Route 44 and the Lycoming County line in Anthony Township.

    Sullivan County

    • Route 2002 (Main Street) between Route 220 in Davidson Township and Nordmont Road in Laporte Township. The detour is Route 220 and Nordmont Road.
    • Route 3005 (Ogdonia Road) between the Lycoming County line in Shrewsbury Township and Route 87 in Hillsgrove Township. The detour is Route 220, Edkin Hill Road, World End Road, Route 154 and Route 87.
    • Route 4009 between Campbellville Road and Millview Mountain Road in Elkland Township. The detour is Millview Mountain Road and Campbellville Road.
    • Route 4016 (Campbellville Road) between Route 4009 in Elkland Township and Warburton Hill Road in Forks Township. The detour is Millview Mountain Road, Route 4009, Route 154, Route 87, Molyneux Hill Road and Lambert Hill Road.
    • Route 4018 (Overton Road) between Kelly Hill Road and Churchill Street in Dushore. The detour is Hottensteins Hill Road, Lambert Hill Road, Taylor Hill Road, Route 87 and Route 220.

    PennDOT cautions motorists to never drive through flooded roadways, as it takes just two feet of fast-moving water to float a car. Anyone who drives around barriers intended to close a road can face increased penalties if emergency responders are called to rescue motorists who disregard traffic control signs.

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