Ring in the new year with a bang! PA residents can now buy higher grade fireworks

Thanks to a new law, PA residents can now buy high grade fireworks.

It's one of the busiest seasons for fireworks.

And thanks to a new law, you may find it a little easier to get your hands on some of your favorite pyrotechnics.

It's part of a revenue deal Governor Wolf signed back in October..

It expands what kind of fireworks you can buy and where.

Over the next two years, it's expected to help add more than $9 million to the state budget.

"I think as long as you're in the right setting and you're safe and aware of your surroundings, it's more than fine to have this kind of stuff," said fireworks enthusiast Thaddeus Stump. "It's more money for the economy and people have access to doing a little bit more than just snakes and sparklers."

Experts say when you shoot your fireworks off, have water nearby and always follow any city laws.

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