Record number of voters cast midterm election ballots, local winners react

Record number of voters cast midterm election ballots, local winners react

WILKES-BARRE (WOLF) -- In record setting numbers citizens cast their ballots.

"I'm pleased that so many people came out to vote because that's the power," said Democratic State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski.

He took home a win, reelected to a sixth term in Pennsylvania's 121st legislative district in Wilkes-Barre, beating out broadcaster and Republican Sue Henry.

"There were people that came to the voters yesterday that had a real, sincere commitment to whatever side they were supporting, and that's exciting," he said.

Rep. Pashinski says many voters wanted to send a message.

"People are not happy with government, and people have a right to be because government has been interlocked and fighting and people don't see the progress," he said.

Republican State Senator Mario Scavello also brought home a victory, elected to a second term in the 40th senatorial district, which includes parts of Monroe and Northampton counties.

He beat out Stroudsburg Mayor and Democrat Tarah Probst.

We caught up with the senator Wednesday via FaceTime.

"As a constituent, if you don't satisfy that constituent, if you don't do what you can to help them, guess what? Election day - they're not going to be here," he said.

Senator Scavello feels every vote counts.

"Personally, the most important vote in the elections are the local elections, and that's the lowest turnout. Those people make decisions that affect you on a daily basis, and yet, they get elected with about 10% of the vote," he said.

While both state chambers may not shift control from the Republicans, University of Scranton Political Science Professor William Parente says overall - the Democrats did well.

"They won the gubernatorial, they won the U.S. senate seat, they picked up house seats, so It was a complete Democratic victory in most of the state," he said.

But there are still some elections shaking out - undecided and appeals - that should be finalized later this week.

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