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Former President Trump's Rally in Wilkes-Barre Township

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The 45th President made his way back to the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township tonight, marking his third visit to the arena and fourth to the county

Supporters of the President were given entry into the arena in the early hours of the afternoon and the seats quickly filled up.

While awaiting his arrival, many took to the stage to explain their appreciation of President Trump’s visit and why they feel that Pennsylvania should turn red in November.

Current state and national elected officials and some vying for a seat in November, expressed their support of President Trump and the Republican party.

Family members of those who were arrested after the January 6th insurrection also addressed the crowds, often explaining how they feel the arrests were wrong.

Republican State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano took the stage to rally his supporters and explain changes he would implement.

“Pennsylvania is going to become the number one wealthiest state in the nation under Mastriano. On day one on day one and done, any mask mandates or COVID job requirements are over forever” says Senator Doug Mastriano.

Along with Mastriano, Senate candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz, joined the rally, taking aim at his opponent, Lieutenant Governor, John Fetterman for not wanting to debate.

“I have asked him to work with us to find out some way for him to answer questions, but he hasn’t come forth and wanted to talk about it. I think for democracy to work, you have to answer questionsright” says Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Former President Trump made his way to the podium just shortly before 8 o’ clock tonight to a massive welcome from all in the stands.

Trump says that the upcoming midterm election is important to make sure that the republican ticket gets elected to stop President Biden.

“This election is a referendum on skyrocketing inflation, rampant crime, soaring murders, crushing gas prices, millions of millions of illegal aliens pouring across our border, race and gender indoctrination perverting our schools, and above all, this election is a referendum on the corruption and extremism, of Joe Biden and the radical Democrat party” says former President Trump.

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The November General Election falls on Tuesday November 8th this year.

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