PPL reimbursing customers for water and ice

PPL reimbursing customers for water and ice

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- PPL is now reimbursing people without electricity for water and ice.

Customers who have been without power for 24 hours or more from winter storms can now buy ice and water and send in the receipts.

PPL customers can be reimbursed for up to three gallons of water and three ten pound bags of ice per day.

Because of the nature of the storm and widespread outages, it's the first time PPL has allowed people to buy from any store.

"It's a different process than we've had in the past. We only had certain stores that you could purchase from. That became very inconvenient for people to find which stores were available, and in some cases, they were a distance. So we feel this is more convenient for our customers, because they can go to any store and get ice and water. It just makes it a bit easier during this time," said PPL Spokesperson Alana Roberts.

They say there are still around 30,000 people without power as of Monday afternoon, and are expecting to have most people's power restored by Wednesday evening, depending on the weather.

To receive reimbursement for ice and water, customers must save receipts and mail to the following:

PPL Electric Utilities

Attn: Ice and Water

827 Hausman Road

Allentown PA 18104

Customers should also include their account number.

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