PPL power outage updates for NEPA

PPL power outage updates for NEPA

Several thousand PPL utilities customers are without power Wednesday night.

Some still from last week's storm, others from what moved through today.

PPL is working around the clock to make repairs bringing in extra workers to assist.

After last weekend's storm, nearly 100 thousand people were without power, but now only about 5000 people are powerless.

As you can see, most of those residents are located in Monroe, Pike, and Wayne counties.

PPL says crews have been working since last Friday restoring power for most of those who lost it, but still have several thousand to get to.

Although most areas were spared with snowfall today, many are still digging out from last weekend's storm and those residents are first on P-P-L's priority list.

We spoke with one Monroe County woman who's been without power for nearly a week.

"It's really frustrating because it costs us money. We have generators, but it costs us money with the gas, with water, all this is added expense to our living. We had to go to a hotel one night to take a shower. You know, it's crazy," Kristen Fennell said.

PPL says there are 1,900 employees from 12 different states working on restoring power for businesses and residents.

They say for those unable to be restored Wednesday night due to difficult conditions, the goal is 11 pm tomorrow.

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