Polish American Vets Club Boycotting NFL Games This Weekend

The eight televisions at the Polish American Veterans club will be on Sunday afternoon. They just won’t be tuned to any football games (Times Leader)

The Polish American Veterans Club in Plains Township won’t be watching NFL games Sunday as the club joins in a nationwide boycott for Veterans Day weekend, according to our news gathering partner the Times Leader,

The boycott is in reaction to players protesting during the National Anthem.

The players say it’s a way to bring attention to what they allege is unfair treatment of minorities by law enforcement.

Club commander Jerome Majeski says he wants to join a united stance against the player protests, which many see as disrespectful to the flag and anthem.

“Our reason for doing this is because we want to join with the other veterans organizations throughout the United States that are doing the same thing,” said Majeski

A sign has been posted on the club’s front entrance alerting members of the daylong boycott, and individual signs will be placed under the TVs. It could be more than a one-time thing if the members decide to continue the boycott, Majeski said.

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