Police up DUI patrols for New Year's Eve weekend

Police up DUI patrols for New Year's Eve weekend

SCRANTON (WOLF) -- As we begin our countdown to 2018, State Police are beginning their patrols for DUI's.

"You wanna be careful, there's extra police out there for your safety," said PennDOT Spokesperson Mike Taluto.

Troop P Wyoming and other barracks will be conducting sobriety checkpoints all weekend - with a zero tolerance policy.

"It's gonna be cold out so maybe people will be going to house parties. So, we want to make sure that even if you're having a house party, your guests don't leave drunk," said Taluto.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 1,200 people died last year in Pennsylvania alone due to people driving under the influence.

A Wallethub report shows over 360 drunk driving deaths occur just between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

And PennDOT estimates over 14,500 DUI crashes annually on Pennsylvania roads and highways.

So if you have to get from A to B, police don't want you to be the one behind the wheel.

"There's technology available now - Safe Ride app - which is available on your phone, where you can download an app and put a designated person to call or it automatically calls a cab for you," added Taluto.

Burgit's Electric City Taxi has plans for all hands on deck this weekend, ready for round the clock pick ups.

"We have 15 cars down in Wilkes-Barre and 9 cabs down here [in Scranton] running," said Burgit VP Renee Hill.

They've been in operation for just a year and now have credit card machine sin every vehicle.

"We have cameras always in our cabs to protect the public and our drivers. So, we should be pretty busy and we're pretty prompt. We're ready for it," she said.

And the added weather conditions... may be another reason for you to catch a ride.

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